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Custom Lego Portrait - Small Square

Custom Lego Portrait - Small Square

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This custom Lego portrait is perfect for the Lego maniac in your life. Made with real Lego pieces, it uses the frame style and colored dots that Lego uses for their own Art series. This small, stylized pixel portrait of your loved-one makes a great gift.

This size will accommodate a portrait for one person or one pet. Please supply several photos that give a good impression of the subject. The subject’s likeness will be created by me from the supplied photos. Please note that the edge of the head or hair may be cropped out. The image will be a close-up of the face. If the subject is human, specify whether the subject is showing teeth in their smile or not.

The frame is included and is also made of Lego bricks. There is even a Lego hook mount on the back to hang your picture (hook not included). The finished artwork with frame is 5 5/8” wide by 5 5/8” high by 1 1/16” deep. The final product will be shipped completed. Sorry, I don’t include instructions yet. Disassemble at your own risk!

Production will start once the pictures are received.

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